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Pretty Much Settled

There’s one thing that America now doesn’t have to worry about: Don’t expect to see Donald Trump give a humble concession speech if he loses the Republican presidential nomination. During a Sunday rally in Maryland, the Republican presidential frontrunner mocked … Continue reading

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Entirely Expected Hopelessness

Alexander Pope was a strange little man, but everyone used to quote him anyway, especially those lines from An Essay on Man – “Hope springs eternal in the human breast; Man never is, but always to be blessed.” Everyone knew what … Continue reading

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Brooklyn Dodging

Back in 2008, which seems like the distant past now, Sarah Palin, at an event in Charlotte, North Carolina, talked about what she said she liked to call the Real Americans – they lived on farms and in small towns, … Continue reading

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No More Mister Nice Guy

The narrative shifted. Everyone was getting used to the Republican primaries and caucuses being a kind of junior high spat with the kids taunting each other, calling each other names – liar, fraud, thief, wimp, fool and so on. There … Continue reading

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Further Complications

Another Tuesday, another primary, and more complications: Republican Ted Cruz won the Wisconsin presidential primary on Tuesday, dealing a blow to front-runner Donald Trump’s hopes of amassing the delegates needed for the party’s nomination ahead of the July convention and … Continue reading

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To Be Perfectly Honest

Josh Marshall, whose Talking Points Memo has been the go-to place for sensible political analysis for years, has been discussing the way that dominance politics “informs virtually everything about Donald Trump campaign” – the macho stuff that has eliminated Jeb … Continue reading

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No One’s Happy

Mondays are always problematic – no one likes Mondays – but Mondays in Cuba can be brutal: Laying bare a half-century of tensions, President Barack Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro prodded each other Monday over human rights and the … Continue reading

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