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Two Down

Down the hill at Melrose and Gower, at Paramount Pictures, they make slasher movies now and then – another Star Trek movie isn’t going to keep that studio afloat. Quick cash is necessary, and those slasher movies practically write themselves, … Continue reading

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Spinning the Loss

Perhaps politics is like sports. Someone wins, someone loses, and the same things matter, game-planning, skills and raw talent, situational awareness, and sheer physical strength. That’s how Donald Trump sees things. He keeps saying that Hillary Clinton doesn’t have the … Continue reading

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Simpleminded Braying

Well, that’s over. As the first presidential debate approached, Hillary Clinton was the needlessly obsessive-compulsive, cramming for the big night, and Donald Trump was the snide goofball, the rich kid who knows he’ll always do fine, because he always has, … Continue reading

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The Right Stuff

The Right Stuff is that 1979 book by Tom Wolfe about the pilots who became the first Project Mercury astronauts – the “Mercury Seven” – brave men who faced incredible unknown danger with utter confidence. Not many can do that … Continue reading

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Adjusting for Race

The Republican Party has had to make adjustments. Donald Trump finally decided it was time to tell us all that what he had been telling us for five years just wasn’t so – Obama actually was born in America. He … Continue reading

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The Ambiguous versus the Unlikable

America needed to be confused again. Just when Donald Trump was pulling even with Hillary Clinton in all the polls, because he was staying on-message for a change – or for the first time since he announced his candidacy more … Continue reading

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That Basket Thing

Forget Hillary Clinton’s health problems, even if the man who discovered CTE thinks Hillary Clinton may have been poisoned  – even if chronic traumatic encephalopathy, that eventually renders former professional football players nearly brain dead, has nothing to do with … Continue reading

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