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Tears, Idle Tears

First, there’s the matter of the tears. President Obama somewhat dramatically announced that he will enforce our existing gun control laws in a way that redefines just who is a gun dealer and who is not, closing the loophole that … Continue reading

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Adventures in the Entirely Predicable

Some things are predictable, and the mass shooting in San Bernardino wasn’t the usual and almost daily mass shooting in America. It wasn’t an angry white man shooting up a black church or a Planned Parenthood clinic, or an unhinged … Continue reading

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Get Your Kicks

In 1946, Bobby Troup headed out from his hometown of Harrisburg, in the middle of boring Pennsylvania, for Hollywood, in his 1941 Buick. He wanted to be a Hollywood songwriter, but he was immediately discouraged. He was on the old … Continue reading

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At the Waffle House

From 1967 to 1994, CBS News lightened things up with a weekly feature called On the Road – Charles Kuralt and his crew would visit this little town or that little out-of-the-way corner of America and report on how Americans … Continue reading

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Only in America

The French neighbor across the courtyard here makes her living as a tour guide – every few weeks she meets another gaggle of elderly French folks, piles them in a small bus, and then shows them Hollywood and Los Angeles. … Continue reading

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The Fatalists

That last year of college was going to be odd. In the spring of 1968, so long ago, Martin Luther King was assassinated. Many cities exploded, and after the riots burned themselves out, in the summer, it was Bobby Kennedy … Continue reading

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Choose Your Narrative

The last trip to Paris was in 2001 – two weeks in early December, solo, quietly slipping into another culture. Then things got complicated. Folks in systems management never know who they’ll be working for the next week, or if … Continue reading

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