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America the Merciless

Things are always a bit strange in Texas. Those folks don’t give a good God-damned about what any of the rest of us think. And things are big in Texas. Everything is big in Texas. And religion is big in … Continue reading

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What They Should Have Said

That was quite a weekend – three ambitious men, who each tell us that they are the only one among all those other fools running who should be our next president, said what they really shouldn’t have said. One apologized, … Continue reading

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The Shift to Common Decency

It’s still sinking in. After Charleston, all that Republican and Fox News talk about black “thugs” and black folks with no sense of personal responsibility had to stop, and they had to give up on the Confederate flag too. Then things … Continue reading

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The Next Lost Cause

In classical music they call them the old warhorses – the pieces that please the crowds and bore the musicians to tears – the 1812 Overture, Ravel’s Bolero, Bizet’s Carmen Suite and that sort of thing. And in musical theater … Continue reading

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The Great Awakening

America has had one Great Awakening after another – a sudden wave of religious enthusiasm, usually with widespread revivals led by thundering evangelical ministers. Everyone starts talking about religion, and about conviction and redemption and whatnot. Evangelical church membership jumps … Continue reading

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That June Gloom

Out here in Southern California we have that meteorological phenomenon known as June Gloom – from late May through the Fourth of July, the sun doesn’t come out until four in the afternoon, for maybe thirty minutes. Then the low … Continue reading

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Our Sense of Fairness

If you’re a parent you know the endless hours you spend dealing with the whining kid saying it’s just not fair – difficult homework, or how Sally got a pony and she didn’t, or whatever it is. You can fix … Continue reading

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