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Individualism Untempered By Common Decency

Donald Trump was inevitable. The repeal of Obamacare was inevitable. Six years ago, Neal Gabler explained that in America the Stony-Hearted: When the political history of the last thirty years is written, scholars will no doubt describe a rightward revolution that … Continue reading

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The Persistence of Nonsense

Nothing is ever settled. Donald Trump is president but he lost the popular vote by a wide margin. Almost three million votes is a wide margin, and that’s the problem. His defenders say that doesn’t matter. He won the electoral … Continue reading

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The Desperate Days

Perhaps the last two weeks of all presidential campaigns get a bit strange, but this year, with one of the candidates being a complete novice – he’s never run for office before and doesn’t seem much interested in public policy, … Continue reading

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Odd Man Out

So, who is going to stand with Donald Trump? That is, which Republicans are going to campaign with him or at least campaign for him, telling America that he’s a fine fellow? There have been no volunteers so far, which … Continue reading

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The Closer

The man did write The Art of the Deal and on Thursday, May 26, 2016, Donald Trump closed the deal: Donald J. Trump officially secured the number of delegates he needed to clinch the Republican presidential nomination Thursday, according to … Continue reading

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Fundamental Cruelty

Donald Trump was out here, holding a rally not far from Disneyland, so of course things got a little cartoonish: Donald Trump cut into a handful of prominent Republican figures during a Wednesday rally, even lightly chiding those who ultimately … Continue reading

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Bad Guys and Good Guys and the Inevitable

They don’t make locomotives in London anymore – at least not in the London in Ontario, about halfway between Detroit and Toronto – but General Motors was doing just that in the last two years of the last century. Those … Continue reading

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