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Those Random Acts of Meanness

It’s a tired old trope, but useful enough. The Republican Party is the “Daddy Party” – the party of the largely absent taciturn father who, when necessary, beats the crap out of the kid, to beat some sense into the … Continue reading

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The Story of Us

Politicians hedge their bets. The idea is to appear bold, but not reckless. Say that you’re worried about Muslims, who are American citizens living in Minneapolis and Denver and all over, becoming radicalized and doing awful things, but don’t call … Continue reading

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The Useless Specifics

We are not alone. No, there are no little green men from other planets amongst us. It’s just that Republicans shouldn’t fool themselves into believing that they’ll get their party back from Donald Trump, if they even have a party … Continue reading

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Forced Clarity

It’s the Summer of Trump and the Republican Party, what’s left of it, seems to have no idea for dealing with the phenomenon that is The Donald. He’s running as one of them, but on his own dime – he’s … Continue reading

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The Road Taken

Life is full of regrets, or at least wistful speculation. There’s that fork in the road. Choose one way or the other, but know that once you move on, there’s no going back – and you must move on. But … Continue reading

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