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The Sheer Force of His Mighty Will

Perhaps it was a negotiating tactic but it didn’t seem like one: Talks between President Trump and congressional Democrats aimed at ending the partial government shutdown collapsed in acrimony and disarray Wednesday, with the president walking out of the White … Continue reading

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Idiot’s Delight

“Idiot’s Delight” is that odd 1939 MGM comedy – or drama, or musical, or something, with a screenplay adapted by Robert E. Sherwood from his 1936 Pulitzer-Prize-winning play. The movie stars Clark Gable, in the same year that he played … Continue reading

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Pervasive Unease

There’s something odd about living in Hollywood. It’s like being at the center of something, but what that thing is can be elusive. This is the place where studio heads place big bets on the culture, trying to guess what … Continue reading

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Unilateral Pipe Dreams

It seems like a century ago, and it sort of was – spending the last two years of the last century running the systems shop at a General Motors locomotive plant in London, Ontario. That place is long gone. General … Continue reading

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Between the Same Old Rock and the Same Old Hard Place

Okay, fine, there will be no immigration reform this year, or next, or maybe in a generation, comprehensive or in an accumulated series of nice little nonthreatening one-by-one baby steps. The Republicans will have none of it. The only problem … Continue reading

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Mounting Opposition

Monday is when everyone gets back to work, so it was a bit unfair that the new breakthrough agreement on pausing Iran’s nuclear weapon program, if that’s what they’re up to, was announced in the early hours on a Sunday … Continue reading

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