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Instinctual Authoritarianism

Things could change this year. Donald Trump could be neutered if the Democrats take back the House. They’d stop everything he tries. He wouldn’t get his wall or anything else he wants. Democrats all seem to have agreed that, if … Continue reading

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Deciding to Ask For Permission

John McCain was a fighter pilot, and by all accounts a kick-the-tires-and-light-the-fires kind of guy. He didn’t like those preflight checklists. He wanted to be up there, blasting away, right now. If some part of his A-4 Skyhawk wasn’t working … Continue reading

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Longing For That Loyal Opposition

In ancient Rome, and that 1959 epic sword-and-sandals movie Ben-Hur, there’d be the Roman general parading through the streets after some victory, while the throngs cheered his triumph. And standing behind him would be his slave, who was doing exactly … Continue reading

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