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Selling Seriousness

Anyone can run for president – with sufficient funds or sufficient previously established name recognition, or, perhaps, a record of public service, although that seems less and less necessary now – but there’s still that first initial hurdle. The American … Continue reading

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Upon Further Consideration

A good insult is a stealth insult – the recipient doesn’t realize what totally devastating thing you said to him, to his face, until much later, when he’s alone and suddenly realizes what those words actually meant – and he … Continue reading

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What It Takes

“I had set my sights on a man of brains, to whom I could look up, but what a terrible let down it would be to find out that I was smarter than he was.” It seems Anita Loos didn’t … Continue reading

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Come September

“Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.” That’s how Henry David Thoreau put it – and most men, where they are, know there’s someplace else they should be, a … Continue reading

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The Night of the Shark

Many, if not most, of the network daytime soap operas of old disappeared long ago. Prime time soap operas like Dallas and Dynasty have disappeared too. Reality shows come and go. No one misses Duck Dynasty. Fewer and fewer people … Continue reading

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The Party of Celebrity

Once again it’s time to explain, again, that the masthead photo at the top of the page, which has been up there since early March 2007, is not just a sunset, it’s a political sunset. This is sunset on June … Continue reading

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Fight Night

Think of the first Republican primary debate of 2016, held in early August 2015, as a sports event, a night of boxing. There was the undercard, the preliminary bout – the seven candidates Fox News decided no one really cared … Continue reading

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