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Searching for Decency

Pittsburgh was a long time ago. Pittsburgh is not supposed to be in the news, not here in Hollywood. Many of us were born there, grew up there, and then left for the real world. Ross Township just north of … Continue reading

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Take Care

Donald Trump opened his campaign for the Republican nomination by saying that Mexicans were pouring across our border and they were awful people – drug dealers and rapists and murderers. The Mexican government was laughing at us, sending us the … Continue reading

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The Story of Us

Politicians hedge their bets. The idea is to appear bold, but not reckless. Say that you’re worried about Muslims, who are American citizens living in Minneapolis and Denver and all over, becoming radicalized and doing awful things, but don’t call … Continue reading

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The Useless Specifics

We are not alone. No, there are no little green men from other planets amongst us. It’s just that Republicans shouldn’t fool themselves into believing that they’ll get their party back from Donald Trump, if they even have a party … Continue reading

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The Actual Value of Careful Lying

It’s the question every husband dreads. Do these jeans make my butt look fat? The wife asks the question because she knows they do. And the diplomatic answer is that those jeans make her look good. That’s what she wanted … Continue reading

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It’s Our Country, He Said

Hollywood brings you summer – superhero movies and shoot-’em-ups and Will Farrell playing the unaware goofball again, and a few vampires, a few longing-for-love-or-at-least-respect teenagers, and the usual animated features. It’s fluff. And it’s marketing. School is out and sometimes … Continue reading

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