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Bernie and the Bots

The 2016 election was a hoot. Or it was a farce. Or it was an outrage. It was something. Facebook had, then, its newsfeed up top for everyone. No one managed that. It was automated. If a news item was … Continue reading

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The Edge of Socialism

No one should be surprised by the popularity of Bernie Sanders, even if he calls himself a “democratic socialist” – which sounds kind of scary. He’s not a Democrat. He never was one. He just ran as one, a matter … Continue reading

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Not the Cartoon

It wasn’t exciting, because everyone knew what was going to happen, and it did. It also wasn’t fascinating, because all the conflicts had been resolved before the evening began – but Bernie Sanders is now an afterthought and Hillary Clinton … Continue reading

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Opening Night Jitters

Everyone knew the opening night of the Democratic National Convention – in Philadelphia this time – think the Liberty Bell and cheesesteaks – wasn’t really going to go well. The Republicans gave us chaos in Cleveland, but Donald Trump thrives … Continue reading

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Odd Man Out

So, who is going to stand with Donald Trump? That is, which Republicans are going to campaign with him or at least campaign for him, telling America that he’s a fine fellow? There have been no volunteers so far, which … Continue reading

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This Very Ugly Game

Donald Trump is proud that he isn’t a gentleman. He hates that sort of thing. He won’t be “politically correct” and says that we, as a nation, have to “stop being nice” or we’ll all die. It’s time we hurt … Continue reading

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The Panic Begins

It was such a nice morning in May – no one was giving a thought to just how fascism comes to America – the sun was shining – but then there was Robert Kagan in the Washington Post: Republican politicians marvel … Continue reading

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