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The Possibility of Pitchforks

There was a time of massive income inequality in America when no one was mad at the rich, because they kept to themselves, or else they were the nation’s entertainment. The Gilded Age – roughly 1890 through the First World … Continue reading

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Everybody Shrugged

After forty years of what, out here in Hollywood, they call development hell, Ayn Rand’s novel Atlas Shrugged finally makes it to the big screen. Who’s she? She is what inspired Paul Ryan’s amazing new budget, the one that punishes the parasites and rewards the successful. She was Alan Greenspan’s mentor and the force behind all the national economic policies he gave us for decades. She is the patron saint of the Tea Party crowd – as if you didn’t know. Unfortunately the new movie seems to be a large brick. Watching the nobly and rightly selfish – who despise the nation’s parasites – spend an hour and a half being defiantly self-interested and self-absorbed, is rather boring. You might as well buy a ticket for the travelling Charlie Sheen show. Continue reading

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