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Lost In a Blizzard of Words

Americans like to have a general idea of what’s going on. It’s comforting. It settles the nerves in troubling times. Americans elect a president to settle their nerves, to let them in on the general idea of what the country … Continue reading

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The Fourth Inventory

Everyone knows the Fourth of July is for picnics and parades and fireworks. It’s not a heavy holiday – the days when some local politician would give an “inspiriting” speech in the park are long gone. People wave flags. That’ll … Continue reading

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Whistling Past

Whistling past the graveyard can mean one of two things – you know the situation, things are dire, and you’re trying to keep your spirits up, but you know you’re going to die. That’s why you’re whistling. Whistling keeps you … Continue reading

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That Background Noise

Perhaps the Republicans will figure out what to do about Donald Trump – or perhaps there’ll be a final showdown where Trump demands that Jeb Bush divorce his Mexican wife and disown his half-breed children or get out of the … Continue reading

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Four Times Sixty-Eight

Hang around long enough and you get jaded, or maybe simply tired. It’s that way with baby boomers, those of us who have seen sixty-eight Fourth of Julys go by. We had fathers who fought in World War II and … Continue reading

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A Personal Note

It was December 14 in Paris almost fifteen years ago, cold and dark at dawn, followed by heavy rain, and I was bleary-eyed from staying up all night watching CNN-International in the hotel room. Somewhere in the middle of the … Continue reading

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Making It Personal

Oscar week here in Hollywood is a pain. Down the street on Hollywood Boulevard they’re assembling the set in front of the Dolby Theater – the red carpet comes next, along with the giant fiberglass Oscars on every corner. They’re … Continue reading

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