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Darkness in Aurora

Friday, July 20, 2012 – it was to be another day of Obama standing up for the middle class and fairness and all that is right and good, and pointing out that Romney says that he was a brilliant businessman … Continue reading

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What to Expect

It’s funny, but the first day of the brand-new year doesn’t feel a whole lot different than the last day of the year now gone. And here in Los Angeles it was a typical New Year Day – in the … Continue reading

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Bitter Realism

Some of us – we’re old now – remember the images. It was Hungary in 1956 – in October of that year there was an uprising, the Hungarians deciding they’d had enough of that Stalinist crap and it was time … Continue reading

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You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

Tolerance for the dangerously absurd is the lifeblood of the two most popular comedy shows on cable television, Jon Stewart’s Daily Report, and Steve Colbert channeling a version of Bill O’Reilly on his show, The Colbert Report. The latter just … Continue reading

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When the Empire Needs a Janitor

As the year comes to a close people tend to look back, and, Christmas shopping aside, get all contemplative – much has happened, some things went well, others not at all as planned, and while some start gathering tax documents, … Continue reading

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The Culture of Consequences

It was in the early seventies.  I was in my first year of teaching – teaching English to adolescents, the wealthy children of Rochester, New York, at one of the two expensive prep schools in town.  My department chairman, a … Continue reading

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Resistance is Futile as Resistance is Actually Surrender

In the early fifties that pleasant grey-haired minister who lived down on Woods Run Road, in the big white house under the bridge, used to smile with each new post-war wonder – that new television thing, the car that shifted … Continue reading

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