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Our Island of Lost Souls

Out here in Hollywood the studio executives know how to make money when all the earnest and thoughtful quality films – the ones that win Oscars for this and that – have bombed at the box office. Those are the … Continue reading

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Now It’s About Nothing

There are national holidays about nothing, like Guy Fawkes Day in England, celebrating the day in 1605 when Parliament didn’t blow up. That actually is a celebration of stopping, at the last moment, a major urban terrorist attack by a … Continue reading

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Game On

Sunday, February 14 – Valentine’s Day was right where it should be. This is the holiday all guys dread, the one day when you’re supposed to be all open and emotionally direct, and not the strong silent type impatient with … Continue reading

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Unfinished Business

America was always called the New World. And Americans, as a rule, have no use for the past. Everyone knows this. We find history not just dull and boring, but we seem to hold that history itself is useless. We’re … Continue reading

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That Italian Surprise

America was always the New World, and that was always the problem. Everything was fresh and bright and there was all the endless space out west. As Gertrude Stein once said – “In the United States there is more space … Continue reading

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The Dead Horse That Refuses to Die

Any number of professionals will tell you that Tom Tomorrow is no great shakes as a graphic artist, but with political cartoons, where the ideas matter more than the sophistication of the visuals, that doesn’t matter much. And his latest … Continue reading

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Cheney, the Movie

Even for someone who has lived in Hollywood for twenty years – a very strange place – you know there are certain things that just won’t fly. Okay, you’re a screenwriter and you and your agent finally land that pitch … Continue reading

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