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A Pause

There’s no Friday evening (Saturday morning) column – heat exhaustion (this is Los Angeles and this is late July) – and both political conventions have wrapped. Things are now locked in place, politically. All has been said. The lines have … Continue reading

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The Line Drawn

Okay, it’s official. Hilary Clinton gave her acceptance speech and the Democratic National Convention is over. The campaigning begins tomorrow. Clinton and Kaine crisscross the country. Donald Trump tweets up a storm and Mike Pence bores folks to tears at … Continue reading

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The Sanity Election

Donald Trump did it again. At Politico, Katie Glueck covers the basics: The nominee of the Republican Party – the party that takes credit for winning the Cold War – on Wednesday appeared to align himself with Russia over his … Continue reading

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Not the Cartoon

It wasn’t exciting, because everyone knew what was going to happen, and it did. It also wasn’t fascinating, because all the conflicts had been resolved before the evening began – but Bernie Sanders is now an afterthought and Hillary Clinton … Continue reading

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Opening Night Jitters

Everyone knew the opening night of the Democratic National Convention – in Philadelphia this time – think the Liberty Bell and cheesesteaks – wasn’t really going to go well. The Republicans gave us chaos in Cleveland, but Donald Trump thrives … Continue reading

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The End of It

Cleveland is over, but not really. Their basketball team, the Cavaliers, finally won it all, and their baseball team, the Indians, leads its division this year. They’re pretty good. The football team, the Browns, is once again hopeless – but … Continue reading

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