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All the Dead Poets

No, it wasn’t like Dead Poets Society – that Robin Williams movie where Williams plays that eccentric and inspiring English teacher who frees young minds through famous poetry and classroom theatrics. It wasn’t like that. It was more of a … Continue reading

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More Motiveless Malignancy

Hollywood is still full of young dreamers from Iowa or Idaho, so Hollywood is full of acting schools. There’s the Stella Adler Theater with its acting school on Hollywood Boulevard – next door to the rather creepy Hollywood Wax Museum. … Continue reading

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Taking Things Too Far

The Enlightenment – the Age of Reason – was good thing. The world changed. Reason suddenly became the primary source of authority and legitimacy, not the church or any king. Thoughtful men (and a few women) could figure out what’s … Continue reading

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The Next Enlightenment

The modern world began in the eighteenth century with The Enlightenment – the Age of Reason – roughly between 1715, the year that Louis XIV died, and 1789, the beginning of the French Revolution. The idea was new. Reason was the primary … Continue reading

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Ruining Everything for Everybody

Americans have issues with Israel. Evangelical Christians, the Religious Right, love Israel. Jesus was born there. Israel is a holy place, and there’s that long-standing but somewhat obscure Christian doctrine of the Conversion of the Jews – one day they’ll … Continue reading

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Nixon Returns

History repeats itself. In fact, the same characters pop up again and again – stock characters – iconic symbols of this or that sort of historical folly. In the first decade of this century, America said “never again” – that … Continue reading

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Not Quite Unnoticed

Timing is everything. Do what will change everything when no one will notice, when the week’s events are over, when every newsroom in America is staffed by the weekend second-string crew. The wee small hours of Saturday morning are best. … Continue reading

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