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On Patriotism

The big political news story of Thursday, July 3 – the day before the Fourth of July holiday – was this:     Democrat Barack Obama struggled Thursday to explain how his upcoming trip to Iraq might refine, but not basically … Continue reading

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Dialogs of Despair and Confusion

The aim here has always been to get a feel for the zeitgeist – “the spirit of the age” – literally the time (Zeit) spirit (Geist). It’s a Hegel thing:    “Zeitgeist” refers to the ethos of a select group … Continue reading

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Reasons to Worry

William “Bill” Kristol – editor of the Weekly Standard and founding member of the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) – and Fox News analyst and now a columnist for the New York Times – is a real pip.   … Continue reading

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The Question of Empire, For Real This Time

Perhaps you can blame Lucasfilm and those folks over at Pico Boulevard and Motor Avenue, the Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation. Those are the folks who brought us the Star Wars movies, with the evil Galactic Empire and noble Rebel Alliance. … Continue reading

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For the Record

There’s a fine line between history and just simple nostalgia – you learn from the one and wallow rather uselessly in the other. But sometimes they get confused. Those of us who found ourselves in college in the sixties, in … Continue reading

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You Had To Be There

Do you really get a sense of a place and what’s really going on there from a visit, with a tour guide, a visit where you can ask questions? Some people think so, and out here in Hollywood you can … Continue reading

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Evidence of Two Nations

Perhaps John Edwards should not have dropped out of the race. Well, yes, he should have dropped out. In the early Democratic primaries he just didn’t have the votes – second to Obama in Iowa and straight downhill from there. … Continue reading

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