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Regarding Our Department of Jihad

There is the police procedural and legal drama series Law & Order – it’s been on the air since 1990 and made its creator, Dick Wolf, a rich man, and has kept NBC afloat, barely. And it spawned Law & … Continue reading

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Dumb or Smug – But Useful

Orwell warned us about 1984 – but he didn’t warn us about PowerPoint. The first version of that presentation software came into the world on August 14, 1984 – designed for the Macintosh and called “Presenter.” In 1987, as it … Continue reading

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Understanding the Befuddled and Frightened

Many dismissed The 2010 Comprehensive Daily Kos/Research 2000 Poll of Self-Identified Republicans – the latest poll commissioned by the left-progressive Daily Kos using the research firm Research 2000 – even if when you drill down it is fascinating. It’s just … Continue reading

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How to Make a Republican Cry

The issue was discussed at length last month – using the word socialism to scare people silly seems to have stopped working. On Thursday, April 9, there was the release of that Rasmussen poll – it seems that only fifty-three … Continue reading

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Scared Silly

Guantánamo Bay – now that’s an odd place. During the Spanish-American War our fleet used the harbor there to ride out the summer hurricane season of 1898, and the rest is history. Somehow the Cuban-American Treaty gave the Republic of … Continue reading

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When Fear Stops Working

It has become blindingly obvious that Americans, generally, have become tired of fear – not that there’s nothing to be afraid of. The world provides plenty of that. They just got fed up with being told to be very afraid … Continue reading

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