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The Situation in the South of France

Ric Erickson, the editor of MetropoleParis, has ended his many years there, and now you can find him in the South of France. He has relocated to Port-Vendres (département of Pyrénées-Orientales, Languedoc-Roussillon région), a fishing village on the Mediterranean, just … Continue reading

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The World is Worried

Friday evening, July 25, in Hollywood – the sun drops away and the half-light is failing, and a light fog is inching in off the Pacific, and they say we’ll be socked in at dawn. It’s a damned film noir … Continue reading

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Fireworks Bungled

Our Man in Paris, Rick Erickson, editor of MetropoleParis, was, last Wednesday, getting prepared, photographically, for Bastille Day – the plan was to get some fireworks shots, or at least some snazzy summer-nights-in-Paris shots. Over the JUST ABOVE SUNSET photography … Continue reading

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Obama Takes Paris!

  From Our Man in Paris, Ric Erickson, editor of MetropoleParis:   Paris, Friday, April 25 – Folks here are getting restless. Our president was on TV last night for 90 minutes explaining why reforms take so long in France. … Continue reading

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The Stealth Rétromobile

A letter from Paris from Ric Erickson, editor of MetropoleParis – cross-posted at the photography site, Just Above Sunset Photography with five high-resolution shots complimenting the text…. _____ Paris, Saturday, February 9 – Everybody knows France is in trouble. A … Continue reading

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Paris and Hollywood

There would usually be a column on current events or politics or culture here on a Saturday evening, but not tonight. Other things came up, other things from Paris. Just posted at the JUST ABOVE SUNSET photography site, Our Man … Continue reading

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Letter from Paris: Last Days

Over at the photography site you’ll find Paris Christmas Day: For the Partly Homeless – a photo essay from Our Man in Paris, Ric Erickson, Editor of MetropoleParis.  Below, what the New Year brings to Paris, and to France.  It’s … Continue reading

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