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Moderation Revisited

It wasn’t supposed to be this way – a prolonged cold snap in Los Angeles, with overnight lows near freezing and cold winds from the north all day, even if the sun is still shining as ridiculously as ever. Yeah, … Continue reading

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The Odd Charm of Simple Uninformed Honesty

Maybe it started with Brigitte Bardot in 1956 and that film And God Created Woman. Bardot was really something. Or maybe it started a few years earlier with Leslie Caron in An American in Paris – as she was something … Continue reading

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Things Do Change

It is unclear whether we are supposed to hate the French any longer – you’d have to check with Fox News on that. The American right has been generally pleased with Sarkozy, and the new French First Lady is one … Continue reading

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Okay, like running out the cannon on an eighteenth century ship of the line as you are going into battle, let’s run out the clichés – Americans are not introspective. We don’t agonize over decisions – we just decide, and … Continue reading

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Signs of Change

A former friend, now gone missing as sometimes happens – people drift away, somehow – would now and then comment on her hometown, Paris, saying that each time she went back to visit her mother she understood how America was … Continue reading

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The New World

Shortly after Barack Obama won the election, rather handily, Our Man in Paris, Ric Erickson, the editor of MetropoleParis, left a comment at this site:   What are we going to do now that we’ve won? Who are we going … Continue reading

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The Gentleman and the Drama Queen

The readership here is small – a hundred hits a day, give or take, save when CNN or BBC World Service notices this column or that and the traffic jumps. It happens. But given that – the situation where this … Continue reading

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