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The Value of Lacking Passion

Just down the street there’s that giant fiberglass frog. That’s Kermit the Frog on the roof of the old Charlie Chaplin Studios on La Brea, currently the home of The Jim Henson Company, as in the Muppets, as in Kermit … Continue reading

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The Twitter Revolution There and Here

We who are vaguely Czech, through the grandparents who arrived here long ago, and who we sort of remember cheerfully chatting with us in a language we didn’t quite understand, still feel good about it. It’s simply a matter of … Continue reading

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Intelligent Pessimism and Reasonable Hope

Some of us are natural pessimists. As mentioned before, those of us of Czech descent are fine with Kafka, born in Prague and writing there, and famous for those absurdist things he wrote – The Metamorphosis (1915), where a fellow … Continue reading

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Our New Pragmatist-in-Chief

The divorces were inevitable. Neither of the two wives understood. But some men are pragmatists – we go through life not getting all worked up about things, one way or the other. We do see why the other party is … Continue reading

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