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The Futile and the Pathetic

It’s something about getting old, and perhaps wearing your trousers rolled and walking along the beach. The world moves on, and you may indeed hear the mermaids singing each to each, but of course you know damned well that they’re … Continue reading

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The Inevitable Conservative Oops

Now that’s odd – after all these years, the first Thanksgiving home alone. But the family has scattered over the years, across the country, and everyone, reconstituted in new families, is deciding just which family node at which location is … Continue reading

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See No Evil

He may have left his heart in San Francisco, but that eighty-five-year-old crooner, famous for that song, seems to have left his brain there too. That would be Tony Bennett – out promoting his newest smash-hit album and simply forgetting … Continue reading

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Read All About It

Well, just look at the chart – this Great Recession, as many call it, is far worse than all modern American downturns. And this one’s different – the result of a financial industry collapse, not that it matters much when you’ve … Continue reading

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Death as the Great Instructor of Personal Responsibility

There is much about conservatives that liberals just don’t get – but conservatives like it that way. Liberals are big on that notion that you should walk a mile in the other guy’s shoes – you try to understand others. … Continue reading

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Switching National Myths

The current Republican line is that American workers are, in general, greedy whiners, ruining everything. It’s the business owners, the bold capitalists, who are the real heroes – now under attack by useless employees demanding higher wages, and better or … Continue reading

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Listening To Echoes

Maybe Sarah Palin and all the social conservatives before her are right – live out here in Los Angeles, and particularly in Hollywood, and you develop a different sense of things. They chatter on about Hollywood Values, or the obvious … Continue reading

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