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From Texas to Chicago

It’s a given. People who live in Hollywood are going to feel uncomfortable in Texas. But Plano didn’t seem like Texas – but Plano may be a special case. When you work in systems that’s where all the giant mainframes … Continue reading

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Don’t Mess With Texas

When you grow up in Pittsburgh, go to college in Ohio and graduate school in North Carolina, teach for a decade at a prep school in upstate New York, then move to Los Angeles to work in aerospace, then end … Continue reading

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The Larger Issues

Tuesday, March 4, and John McCain has done it. The underfunded and cantankerous McCain is the Republican nominee. The Republicans will have to make do with him, even if he has deeply offended many of them year after year after … Continue reading

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The Night Before

No one likes the night before – the night before the high school prom, the night before that final exam as you worry you’ll forget everything you know and aren’t even sure that you even know much of anything anymore, … Continue reading

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A Warning and Major Misunderstanding

There were the emails from CNN – cover a presidential debate as a credentialed member of the press once, blogging it in real time, and these folks think you’ll do it again. So there were the emails – the forms … Continue reading

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