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Not to Worry

Friday, September 5, thing were supposed to settle down. The political conventions were finally over, capped by John McCain’s workmanlike speech – long on character (he has it, he says), and short on the issues. In fact the issues didn’t … Continue reading

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On Knowing Lots about Lots of Things

It was the mid to late seventies, and the place was Rochester, New York – and the job was teaching English at an exclusive prep school, with the students being, for the most part, the children of old money, or … Continue reading

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All Campaigns Are Movies Now

Every four years it’s the same thing – a presidential election where Americans are told they have a real choice. Of course they do, even if on many matters both candidate agree – the United States is wonderful, motherhood sacred, … Continue reading

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No Free Pass, Although Certain Conditions Apply

Self-deprecating humor can take you a long way. The current president tries it now and then, but it never works. You have to being willing for folks to see there’s some truth in what you say, that sometimes you do … Continue reading

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Selling Sincerity

This is being written in the evening, on Friday, June 6, 2008, so the next words may have to be modified – it seems things have been settled, and now one of two people will be the next president, John … Continue reading

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