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Losing Track in the Heat

A massive drought, the worst since the Dust Bowl years of the thirties, and the hottest July ever recorded with more of the same in August, and the Mississippi River shrinking to the point where soon no one will be … Continue reading

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The Surreal World of Blue Dogs and Apologizing for Staving Off Catastrophe

Yep – Blue Dogs – you know those guys – conservative Democrats committed to pro-business anti-labor anti-government financial positions, and kill-’em-all national security positions, and more than willing to agree with the Republicans against the uppity common people, and against … Continue reading

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On Fixing Things

There are not many alive who remember the thirties and the Great Depression. Not many can tell us how it felt and how it really looked and even of how it smelled and sounded to live through those hard times … Continue reading

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Economics and Theology

Maybe it’s that John Calvin just turned five-hundred – or he would be that age, were he not quite thoroughly dead. He was born 10 July 1509 – and over the years has done a lot of damage, beyond that … Continue reading

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Piling on the Scorn

As Thursday, February 12, came to a close – Abe Lincoln and Charles Darwin would have been two-hundred years old, had they been able to hang around – it seemed the first step in saving the nation, and perhaps the … Continue reading

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You Can Take That to the Bank

It seems to be economic history. Wednesday, February 11, 2009, was the day that business with the stimulus bill was finally settled:   Moving with lightning speed, the Democratic-controlled Congress and White House agreed Wednesday on a compromise $790 billion … Continue reading

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The Voice of Authority

Life being what it is, and the world being a big place, you cannot know about everything. If you went to a liberal arts college they lied to you and told you could – you could at least be exposed … Continue reading

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