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We Will Not Grow Up

Commentary here will pause for a week – a bit of vacation, a week visiting family in Cincinnati. New commentary will resume on Thursday, September 4, or shortly thereafter – although there may be some shorter posts as possible.   … Continue reading

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Big News from Denver and Bigger News Elsewhere

Monday, August 25, 2008, and the Democratic National Convention opened. Yes, pre-packaged hurrah-for-our-side silliness, but the first day had its moments.   The last Kennedy left standing, of the four brothers – coming off surgery to remove what they could … Continue reading

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Talking with Georgia about Georgia

Saturday, August 16, and things were no better:   Russian forces built ramparts around tanks and posted sentries on a hill in central Georgia on Saturday, digging in despite Western pressure for Moscow to withdraw its forces under a cease-fire … Continue reading

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In His Element

There’s a good chance John McCain will be the next president, as, with the Russians lording it over Georgia – the one just east of Turkey, not the one just north of Florida – he is in his element. He … Continue reading

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Deciding What Matters

Liberals – even if they call themselves Progressives now – suffer from that “dark night of the soul” thing. They worry about this and that – that we aren’t yet all we want to be and injustice and all those … Continue reading

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