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Stop Making Sense

The first teaching job was in the fall of 1969 – teaching English at a private boys’ boarding school in one of the few rich suburbs of Pittsburgh. It was a sort of a Dead Poets Society thing – well, … Continue reading

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October Unpleasantness

The last Wednesday in October was a disappointment. After a wonderfully bizarre fourteen-inning first game in the World Series, the guys from Kansas City blew out the guys from Queens – the Mets were going to get swept. There was … Continue reading

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What Everyone Sees

It’s fairly simple. The Republicans would like to win back the White House, to prove that George W. Bush was a fluke and they really can run things wonderfully and everything will be better than when Bush did that Iraq … Continue reading

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Making Useless Trouble

There’s no point in talking about this anymore. In the end, forty-two Democratic senators came out in support of the Iran deal, our part of the international agreement to lift the world’s sanctions as Iran dismantles its nuclear weapons program, … Continue reading

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The Shift to Common Decency

It’s still sinking in. After Charleston, all that Republican and Fox News talk about black “thugs” and black folks with no sense of personal responsibility had to stop, and they had to give up on the Confederate flag too. Then things … Continue reading

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Still Waiting

Let’s say you were in Paris on February 17, 1952 – and of course you weren’t (probably) – but let’s say you were there, quietly sipping cognac, alone, and listening to the radio. Ah, what’s this? Ah, an abridged version … Continue reading

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Reaching Maximum Dysfunction

It was a sad day here in Hollywood. Well, perhaps every day is a sad day in Hollywood, where whatever isn’t tacky is shabby, and bewildered tourists wander around wondering where the stars live. The stars live in Beverly Hills … Continue reading

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