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The Limits of Perpetual Anger

The sixties weren’t all peace, love and understanding. In spite of the beads and flowers and affected mellowness, the left was pretty angry – at that unspeakable immoral and fundamentally stupid war in Vietnam, and at those who ginned it … Continue reading

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Boldly Fighting the Already Lost Cultural War

Unless you’re insecure and defensive about where you’re from, where you’ve been, who you know, and of course what you know – culture wars are kind of fun. They have nothing to do with being fat, ugly, old and smelly. … Continue reading

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Cowboys Talking Loudly

Languages are endlessly fascinating. Here in Hollywood, in this building, there are three French nationals, the elegant fellow from Brazil who will now and then lapse into Portuguese, the new girl from Spain who can lisp Castilian, the old woman … Continue reading

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Winston Churchill Appropriated by the Other Guy

At exactly one hundred days into the Obama presidency there was the landmark primetime news conference – every broadcast network but Fox covered it. And of course much was said about it – but apparently not enough. Things change fast … Continue reading

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