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That Reagan Sunset

Nothing is random. That masthead photo at the top of the page, which has been up there since early March 2007, is not just a sunset, it’s a political sunset. It’s sunset on June 12, 2004, looking northwest from Mulholland … Continue reading

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About Nothing

As all siblings know, and most married couples know, and as those who have worked in academia know, the bitterest fights are almost always about nothing – or maybe about something else. This happens when both parties basically agree on … Continue reading

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A Republican in Manhattan

Sometimes you spend a buck to daydream. You buy a lottery ticket and imagine what you’d do if you were the one who hit all five numbers, and the bonus number. Sure, that’s beyond unlikely, but it’s far cheaper than … Continue reading

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Chatting at the Grave at Sunset

If you glance up at the top of the page you’ll see the masthead photo is, of course, a sunset. But it’s not just any sunset, it’s the sunset on the day of Ronald Reagan’s funeral – June 11, 2004 … Continue reading

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California’s Gift

Everyone makes fun of us out here. “There is science, logic, reason; there is thought verified by experience. And then there is California.” That pretty much sums it up. Those words are from the writer Edward Abbey – Larry McMurtry … Continue reading

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After The Fall

Married guys know it’s not just a tired but always useful set-up and running joke in television sitcoms – you don’t forget the anniversary. It’s a big deal. There’s hell to pay if you forget that, and even if you … Continue reading

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Welcome To California, Everybody

You know how things are put – it’s the day of reckoning, or the chickens have come home to roost, or some such thing. Arnold Schwarzenegger said Tuesday, June 2, 2009, was California’s Day of Reckoning – in an eleven … Continue reading

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