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Adjusting Our Cultural Icons

Okay – it’s over. That would be the single most unifying event in American life, the Super Bowl. And the game is over now too – the underdog Giants beat the always-on-top and now quite tiresome Patriots. And even those … Continue reading

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Paris Hilton Day

Sometimes you think you’re done with Paris Hilton. When they took her off to jail last summer the news helicopters a few feet over the front door were really irritating – but she sold the house over on King Road, … Continue reading

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Dog Whistles

First of all, Hollywood is not the center of anything important – it’s essentially a silly place. The center of political life is back east in Washington, and the financial center of everything is New York, specially the borough of … Continue reading

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Voting On What Is Real and What Is Not

Okay, here’s a thought. If psychiatrists can vote on what is an illness and what is not, and then change their minds and say that what they had categorized as just sick is, now that they think about it, quite … Continue reading

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From the Specific to the General

Monday, February 11, after the weekend with all the political high drama but the day before the Potomac Primary, or the Chesapeake Primary, or the Beltway Primary – voters in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia have their say … Continue reading

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Either Elitist Pretension or Vitally Important Something or Other

On the last Saturday of 2007 there was that historic football game – carried on three networks. But that evening three of us didn’t much care for it. Rick, the News Guy in Atlanta, isn’t much into sports – having … Continue reading

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The Need to Fake a Winning Personality

The weekend before Christmas was unlike any other weekend before Christmas, at least in the political world. This time the Iowa caucus madness comes up right after the holidays, and a day or two later, the New Hampshire primary. Everything … Continue reading

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