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The Rise of Unthinking Adolescent Petulance

Yes, 2009 is ancient history. Avatar was the big movie of the year – Farah Fawcett and Michael Jackson died, as did John Updike and Andrew Wyeth, and Marilyn Chambers. And on January 20, Barack Obama became president. And everyone knew … Continue reading

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Fallout Day

Sometimes a slow news day is a good thing – everyone needs time to recover and put things in perspective. And this was the week that Obama finally endorsed same-sex marriage – as a basic right and a matter of … Continue reading

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The Devastating High School Queen

It’s like back in high school, maybe back in the late fifties. You’re having a party and you worry that even though your parents are out of town and you snagged a keg of beer, this thing may just not … Continue reading

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