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Deciding Which Game to Win

Many see politics as a grand game – a sport of sorts. Reporters handicap candidates – the word they actually use – and talk about who will win the Horse Race. And in campaigns, and particularity in debates, it’s all … Continue reading

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November Nothing

Even those of us who aren’t sports fans know that early November is a bad time for sports fans. Baseball is over, long forgotten now, college basketball is just starting and March Madness is a long way off, and professional … Continue reading

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Trust Me

It’s the silly season. NBC and its various dedicated cable networks are showing almost every Olympic event from London – from sports you know well, like basketball and soccer and tennis, and all the track and field stuff and gymnastics … Continue reading

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An Unexpected Warning to Stop Playing Games

Sports are pretty basic. The ancient Greeks provided the basic model for them all. You ran faster than anyone else, or you threw something a greater distance that anyone else, or one-on-one, you beat and tossed the other guy around … Continue reading

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Gaming the System

Politics is a grand game, where real people die. That’s the problem. How do you cover politics? Well, there is the first option. Over the last decade or more we have developed an industry that essentially covers the game, the … Continue reading

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Considering the Allure of Ephemera

A late evening here in Hollywood and quiet – all day long those low dark clouds have rolled in off the Pacific and seem to have pushed some sort of universal mute button. No hint of techno throbbing or crowd … Continue reading

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Winners All Always Pathetic Losers

They say everyone loves a winner, but whoever they are, they’re wrong. That’s just something people say, in spite of the obvious evidence to the contrary. Take the New York Yankees. Except for a local contingent of die-hard fans, everyone … Continue reading

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