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Imitations of Authenticity

Back in the seventies it was playing in the pit band for a local production of that gloriously silly musical Bye-Bye Birdie – roughly, Elvis gets drafted and American teenage girls go all woozy and their parents don’t understand them, … Continue reading

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Vox Populi, Vox Dei

How’s your Latin? Those words up there say that the voice of the people is the voice of God. Maybe William of Malmesbury first put it that way in the twelfth century, but it actually popped up much earlier, in … Continue reading

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Considering the Allure of Ephemera

A late evening here in Hollywood and quiet – all day long those low dark clouds have rolled in off the Pacific and seem to have pushed some sort of universal mute button. No hint of techno throbbing or crowd … Continue reading

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Dealing With the New World

Okay, it’s not 1968, and that was one strange year. Four years ago, David Aaronovitch, in the Observer (UK), was saying that year was 1968: The year ended, not with an anti-war Democrat, but with Richard Nixon in the White … Continue reading

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That Thing We Do

Maybe the details matter and maybe they don’t. It’s hard to keep up with the John McCain thing – the New York Times breaking the story of his non-affair with that pretty lobbyist, stopped by his aides before it could … Continue reading

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One Level Up: The Data about the Data

Back in the early nineties those of us working in information technology rolled our eyes when anyone started throwing about the term metadata. Yes, that’s data about the data, or data about that data, and when you’re building a data … Continue reading

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