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Considering Signaling Mechanisms

If you are a white American male who grew up in the Eisenhower fifties you understood golf was a game for Republican businessmen. That’s just the way it was. There were country clubs of various levels of exclusivity all over, … Continue reading

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Carefully Saying That What You Say Is Not What You’re Saying

In spite of our pride in our having codified free speech and a free press – we started with the rule that you can say what you want and print what you want – there is an American tradition of … Continue reading

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More Than a Pillow Fight

No doubt you missed it, but April 4, 2009, was World Pillow Fight Day – even here in Los Angeles (downtown at Pershing Square, and the rule is you’re not allowed to hit anyone with a camera). And there is … Continue reading

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The Problem with Shorthand

Oh, it was a valuable lesson. It was the early seventies, graduate school at Duke University, working on the first step, the Masters degree, and the analytical paper was on some Ben Jonson play or other. Somehow or other, at … Continue reading

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