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Blame the Republicans, Or At Least Some of Them

Ah, in a little more than a month Medicare kicks in, freeing up almost eight hundred dollars a month, so should some young starlet here in Hollywood jump the curb in her Bentley and inflict grave bodily harm, well, there … Continue reading

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Suddenly Gone

A lot of politics is inside baseball – in a few years no one will know what you’re talking about. Wendell Willkie? Harold Stassen? Thomas Eagleton? Who? And political junkies are like deadly serious baseball fans – they know the … Continue reading

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Selling Abstract Theories in a Time of Personal Terror

The Republicans want to return to power. The party out of power, at the moment, always wants to return to power. And in 2010 the Republicans won back the House, leading them to claim, repeatedly, they have a mandate – … Continue reading

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When Political Purity Reaches Its Natural Limit

We all know the political dynamic. It’s been in place for decades. People vote for politicians who stick to their principles. John Kerry, like all Democrats, was a flip-flopper – when circumstances changed he thought about what just happened and … Continue reading

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