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Doing the Nasty

Yes, it was very odd – his Royal Highness Prince Charles, the stiff and goofy sixty-three-year-old Prince of Wales, in giant earphones trying his hand at being a techno-trance DJ – but being a good sport about it. And of … Continue reading

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Purposefully Disconnected

A dozen or so years ago it was working on assignment on London, Ontario – almost two years of trying to build a new systems shop at the locomotive plant there – and that meant flying home to Los Angeles … Continue reading

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Notes on the American Character

As President Obama neared his first one hundred days in office it was becoming clear that, as promised, things had changed. Just what had changed was a bit surprising, as most of what had been done in those first one … Continue reading

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More Than a Pillow Fight

No doubt you missed it, but April 4, 2009, was World Pillow Fight Day – even here in Los Angeles (downtown at Pershing Square, and the rule is you’re not allowed to hit anyone with a camera). And there is … Continue reading

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Not Socialism, Just a Jump Start

Maybe it’s a matter of being overly sensitive, but sometimes you do get tired of being called a socialist. President Obama seems to react with bemused calmness – he knows what he is attempting and doesn’t think it’s socialism at … Continue reading

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Our New Pragmatist-in-Chief

The divorces were inevitable. Neither of the two wives understood. But some men are pragmatists – we go through life not getting all worked up about things, one way or the other. We do see why the other party is … Continue reading

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