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The Stench in the Room

It’s official. The polls are in. America has given up – it’s all pointless. We might as well curl up and die, and we’d be in despair if we weren’t too depressed to be in despair. There’s no point in … Continue reading

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When Common Sense Meets Mythology

Sure it was a cultural shock – imagine growing up in Pittsburgh then attending a small liberal arts college in Ohio in the last four years of the sixties, then heading off to graduate school in the South, or close … Continue reading

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Obama and his Day of Pigs

In April, 1961, President Kennedy had that Bay of Pigs disaster – a half-assed amateurish invasion of Cuba which failed spectacularly. You might remember it – if you’re an old geezer. CIA director Allen Dulles, deputy CIA director Charles Cabell, … Continue reading

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Letting the Genie Out of the Bottle Always Leads to Trouble

It had to happen. On Thursday, July 31, the day after John McCain’s new “celebrity” campaign ad hit the airwaves – that television spot featuring Britney Spears and Paris Hilton in an implicit comparison with Obama, the one that upset … Continue reading

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The End of Nonsense, Perhaps

Sometimes technology is merciful. Saturday, May 31, the Democratic Party’s Rules and Bylaws Committee met in Washington to decide what to do with the unsanctioned primaries in Florida and Michigan – and the cable news channels were covering it wall … Continue reading

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Wheels within Wheels

Tuesday, May 20 – another Tuesday and another set of primaries. The Republican had settled things long ago – Rudy was too crazy, Mitt too slick, Huckabee too strange and playful (and there was that name), so the befuddled old … Continue reading

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