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The Abyss at the End of the Weekend

Sunday evening is always a problem. The kids know they go back to school in the morning, and they’re sullen and morose. Even if they did their homework they know there’s probably something wrong with it – something they overlooked, … Continue reading

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Signs of Change

A former friend, now gone missing as sometimes happens – people drift away, somehow – would now and then comment on her hometown, Paris, saying that each time she went back to visit her mother she understood how America was … Continue reading

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The Perils of Simplification

Karl Popper once said that science may be described as the art of systematic oversimplification. You come up with a relatively simple way to explain why things are as they are – your hypothesis – and you test your hypothesis … Continue reading

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How to Deal With the Insecure

It was good advice, one of the things you find yourself remembering even if you heard the words so very long ago. Imagine yourself an overly sensitive teenager – as if there were any other kind – trying to figure … Continue reading

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Real Monsters

Wednesday, October 1, in Hollywood – hot and smoggy – yeah, it was near one hundred by noon, getting hotter by the minute, and the air quality was what out here they call chunky, like the peanut butter – merciless … Continue reading

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