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Forced Perspective

Perspective is good, and Denison University – a quiet campus on a hill above a quiet little town in the dead center of Ohio – wasn’t a bad place to spend four years in the late sixties. The school was … Continue reading

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The Surprising Usefulness of Teachers

It’s no secret that Republicans hate public-sector unions, and public-sector workers, as government is always the problem and never the solution, and so forth and so on. Chris Christie has called public school teachers, and by extension, firefighters and cops … Continue reading

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Goodbye Columbus

No, no, no – this is not about that famous collection of stories from Phillip Roth, Goodbye Columbus, or about the film made from the title story, the one with the extraordinarily forgettable Richard Benjamin. No, on Thursday, July 24, … Continue reading

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Understanding American Enthusiasms

It was the radical sixties – college days – and some of us were stuck in the middle of Ohio. There was no trekking off to San Francisco with flowers in our hair – whoever had a car could get … Continue reading

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The Larger Issues

Tuesday, March 4, and John McCain has done it. The underfunded and cantankerous McCain is the Republican nominee. The Republicans will have to make do with him, even if he has deeply offended many of them year after year after … Continue reading

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The Night Before

No one likes the night before – the night before the high school prom, the night before that final exam as you worry you’ll forget everything you know and aren’t even sure that you even know much of anything anymore, … Continue reading

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