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Behold a Pale Rider

It’s come up again – what you think is really going on depends on your news source. The recent events in Egypt show that. Andrew Sullivan says that the best coverage he saw by far was by al Jazeera and … Continue reading

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The Curious Absence of Reasoned, Measured Conservative Journalism

He seems like such a nice man, and you can build a career on being a nice man. And Juan Williams did just that, as a journalist and political commentator, with a few workmanlike books on civil rights under his … Continue reading

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The Absence of Illusion

Most of what the late Michael Jackson pumped out was seen by the jazz guys as rather useless crap – so simplistic there was nothing to work with – save for that one tune Human Nature. The changes were good … Continue reading

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Inadvertently Committing Journalism

Nope – haven’t figured it out yet – sorry. And it’s been years. Back on July 27, 2003 – six years ago – there were those remarks by the President – who was standing next to United Nations Secretary General … Continue reading

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On Being Played for Fools

Saturday, September 13 – and the giant hurricane has passed through Texas causing less damage than expected and the last of the bodies has been pulled from the horrendous Los Angeles train wreck, and whatever will happen with Lehman Brothers … Continue reading

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Pretending the Press Is What You Think It Should Be

It is probably right to assume that those who work in the news business – the folks at the Associated Press and Reuters, in broadcast and cable news, and the few remaining people who work for newspapers – refer to … Continue reading

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A Quiet Friday in August

Friday, August 8, should have been a quiet news day. Click on the cable news channels – this regular host or that is on vacation, and that makes sense. The party conventions are two weeks off and congress is in … Continue reading

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