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Battleground Ohio

Cincinnati is a pretty nice place – here are pages and pages of photographic proof – but nothing much happens there. Mark Twain once said that if the world came to an end he wanted to be in Cincinnati. Everything … Continue reading

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Sunrise, Sunset

Wednesday, January 12 – an odd day. In the morning Sarah Palin released a video about the “blood libel” against her. The notion is, like the Jews through the centuries, accused of mixing the blood of Christian babies to make … Continue reading

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The Birth of the Cool

Now that the election is over, as it seems to be, why Obama won and McCain lost seems surprisingly obvious – Obama was cool, and McCain was hot. McCain was all passion – righteous anger or weird humor, and wild … Continue reading

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Forty Years

Friday, April 4 – an interesting day. On April 4, 1850, Los Angeles was incorporated as a city. No one celebrates. No one mourns. Actually, no one much cares – you just drive about, as usual. But Friday, April 04, … Continue reading

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Armchair Psychoanalysis

It’s hard for a left-leaning child of the sixties to spend a Sunday with the pro-Bush, pro-war, cut-taxes-and-end-all-regulation-of-everything, governments-should-enforce-morality family down south. Leave Hollywood, drive south, cross the county line into Orange Country and things change. Orange Country is the … Continue reading

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Witnessing History

March 18 – not an historic day, usually. In 1229, on March 18, Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor at the time, declared himself King of Jerusalem, during the Sixth Crusade if you’re counting – we’re still dealing with that in … Continue reading

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