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Not Even an Echo

Barry Goldwater was never going to be president. Back in 1964, when he ran against Lyndon Johnson, what he offered America, America wasn’t buying. Johnson won in a landslide, probably because Goldwater actually did offer what he liked to call … Continue reading

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Intimidation and Whining

Forget sports jargon. Boxing isn’t “the sweet science” – boxing is sport reduced to its most basic level, to just one element. Beat the crap out of the other guy before he beats the crap out of you. If it … Continue reading

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Carrying On

We certainly aren’t British. After those terrorist bombings in London a few years ago – in the Tube not the subway of course – that city was plastered with posters that said it all – “Keep Calm and Carry On.” … Continue reading

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Actual Irreconcilable Differences

Divorce became easier with the introduction of the concept of irreconcilable differences – California enacted America’s first purely no-fault divorce law in 1969 by adding that to its divorce petition form. No one has to explain anything. No one has … Continue reading

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Waiting for the Iceberg

Another quiet Friday evening on this quiet tree-lined street here in Hollywood, which is the way a week of turmoil should end – with the local classical station finally playing serene music again, after a week of only cheery fund-raising … Continue reading

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The New Old Story

Who, what, when, where, how, and why. That’s what a news story is supposed to provide, except that last thing, the why, can be problematic. The party in question may not provide any statement of motivation, so a good reporter … Continue reading

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