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Double End Times

So 2009 passes into history, and so does the first decade of this new century – on the night of a full moon and a partial lunar eclipse. But the eclipse won’t be visible in America. Don’t worry about it. … Continue reading

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The Birth of the Cool

Now that the election is over, as it seems to be, why Obama won and McCain lost seems surprisingly obvious – Obama was cool, and McCain was hot. McCain was all passion – righteous anger or weird humor, and wild … Continue reading

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Changing Expectations

We Americans are a funny lot – we like exceptional people, the extraordinarily talented entertainer, the artist who moves us all, or the athlete who does the impossible at just the right moment, sinking that shot at the buzzer or … Continue reading

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The Birth of the Cool

It may have been the birth of the cool – no, not that Miles Davis album from the early fifties, nor the West Coast Sound (that “cool” Chet Baker jazz from the Lighthouse Café down in Hermosa Beach that went … Continue reading

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Making It Seem Easy

From the first time as a kid when you were actually assigned homework, or knew that on Monday morning you would be held publically accountable in the classroom for something you really didn’t understand, through all of your working life, … Continue reading

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