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Promising the Impossible

It can’t be all that hard to be a rich and successful political consultant. Strip away the details and it all comes down to one thing you have to tell your client over and over again – strong but wrong … Continue reading

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The Naughty Flamethrower

Things sort themselves out without any real agreement. Anyone who’s even vaguely conservative watches Fox News – run by Roger Ailes, who had been Richard Nixon’s media advisor and seems to be still at it, making unpleasant and shifty Republican … Continue reading

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Zen and the Art of Politics

If you listen to Sean Hannity every night on Fox News – not recommended actually – you will learn that President Obama is the most hated American president ever – and he’s so hated no one will vote for him, … Continue reading

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Obama’s Limitations

Multitasking – the ability to manage many tasks at once, and manage them well – is a prime skill you need in the modern world. If you’ve worked in a large corporation at even a modest level of authority you … Continue reading

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