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Stating the Hidden Obvious

One of the advantages of having done one’s graduate work in early eighteenth century British literature – and there are few – is that you remember some pretty nifty lines. Alexander Pope, a small disagreeable man, and a hunchback, came … Continue reading

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Battleground Ohio

Cincinnati is a pretty nice place – here are pages and pages of photographic proof – but nothing much happens there. Mark Twain once said that if the world came to an end he wanted to be in Cincinnati. Everything … Continue reading

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More Words on the Way

We all know George Bush was a man of few words – and that would be the second President George Bush, not the first one, who no one really remembers because that was so long ago, or so it seems. … Continue reading

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The Man with Awesome Near-Presidential Power

Everyone knows that they are important to their family, and their friends, and maybe their cat – but when you’re gone they’ll forget you soon enough, or eventually. They move on. And forget your coworkers. They won’t remember you the … Continue reading

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No Big Ideas

Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio? A nation turns its lonely eyes to you. But everyone knew. Jumping Joe has left and gone away – he married Marilyn Monroe. He was a great baseball player but he had other priorities. … Continue reading

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Just Two Different Ways of Looking at Things

Tuesday, February 24, was the Barack and Bobby Show – Obama’s formal address to a joint session of Congress, on where we seem to be as a nation and what his administration plans to do, as best they can – … Continue reading

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The Birth of the Cool

Now that the election is over, as it seems to be, why Obama won and McCain lost seems surprisingly obvious – Obama was cool, and McCain was hot. McCain was all passion – righteous anger or weird humor, and wild … Continue reading

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