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The Man on the Ledge

There’s always that man on the ledge, and the good man, the hero, who goes out there and talks him down from that ledge. Empathy – understanding – reason – the careful application of guilt about all the people who … Continue reading

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Passing Losses On

“Take care to sell your horse before he dies. The art of life is passing losses on.” Robert Frost said that. That’s all anyone remembers of his short 1946 comic poem “The Ingenuities of Debt” – but that’s not ingenious. … Continue reading

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Running on Pure Spite

Donald Trump will fix things. He’s the only one who can. He’s said so many times, and say something many times and people eventually just give up. Just enough voters in just the right places just gave up – sure, … Continue reading

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The Dog Catches the Car

The dog chases the car, but what will the dog do if the dog catches the car? That’s the joke. The dog has no idea. The dog has a tiny brain. The dog simply chases the car, because it’s great … Continue reading

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The Republican Slump

Baseball is the American game, and it’s full of the inexplicable. Even the best players fall into a slump now and then. They can’t buy a hit and they don’t know why. The batting coach doesn’t know why. The manager … Continue reading

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That June Gloom

Out here in Southern California we have that meteorological phenomenon known as June Gloom – from late May through the Fourth of July, the sun doesn’t come out until four in the afternoon, for maybe thirty minutes. Then the low … Continue reading

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Tea Leaves

Every liberal has a conservative friend who warned them, back in 2003, in a friendly way, that they were going to be mighty embarrassed when our troops found those weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. That would be a former … Continue reading

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