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Negotiating the Terms of Surrender

It’s quite possible to screw up winning it all. The Treaty of Versailles proved that. The First World War was over. Britain and France, with our considerable help, had won it all, and Germany had lost it all. All that … Continue reading

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Settled: Four More Years

Maybe it happens in sports. A team fights long and hard through a seemingly endless season, winning some and losing some, but finally clawing its way to the championship game, and gives it all in one final and brutal long … Continue reading

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Turning Things Around

Ah, Tuesday evening, October 16 – the night Barack Obama proved he’s nothing like the New York Yankees. If you didn’t watch the second presidential debate you might have watched the Yankees game from Detroit, where they’re battling to see … Continue reading

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How Did It Come To This?

It happens every December – suddenly it’s Christmas, and then it’s not, and the year is ending. That means it’s time for the retrospectives – all that looking back stuff, looking at the year gone by to try to figure … Continue reading

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The New World

Shortly after Barack Obama won the election, rather handily, Our Man in Paris, Ric Erickson, the editor of MetropoleParis, left a comment at this site:   What are we going to do now that we’ve won? Who are we going … Continue reading

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Things Change

Late evening in Los Angeles, and on this date, Barack Obama won the presidency. Now everything changes – for those of us who write about public policy and the politics necessary to implement any public policy, none of us now … Continue reading

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Everyone Loves Autopsies

Sometimes you know why things happen – like this in Paris, where, at the French Open, the world’s best tennis player, by many accounts, Roger Federer, lost to Rafael Nadal. It was Federer’s worst loss in almost two hundred career … Continue reading

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