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Promising the Impossible

It can’t be all that hard to be a rich and successful political consultant. Strip away the details and it all comes down to one thing you have to tell your client over and over again – strong but wrong … Continue reading

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Simply Changing the Game

So, President Obama, backed into a corner by a sluggish economy and what many saw as a gaffe – saying that the private sector, compared to the public sector, was doing just fine – found himself delivering a major speech … Continue reading

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The Unlikely Conservative

There are conservative icons more substantial than Barry Goldwater, who had no problem with gay folks, and Ronald Reagan, who, as president, raised taxes eleven times, and told congress, with some passion, that they’d be insane not to raise the … Continue reading

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Quarreling and Intellectual Bankruptcy

People generally quarrel because they can’t argue. G. K. Chesterton is said to have said that, and he was onto something there. Imagine you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere, quite lost, and everyone is trying to figure out what … Continue reading

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Assessing What Really Did Change

It’s always about perspective. If you get too close to things you miss the big picture – say you start a war because you’re very angry, and you win quite a few battles, all of them, and you lock up … Continue reading

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