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Promising the Impossible

It can’t be all that hard to be a rich and successful political consultant. Strip away the details and it all comes down to one thing you have to tell your client over and over again – strong but wrong … Continue reading

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Recovery Mode

Okay, fine – Obama lost the first presidential debate to an oddly energized and aggressive Mitt Romney, saying unexpected things, most of which he never said before and most of which weren’t remotely true. He was dazzling, in the manner … Continue reading

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Battleground Ohio

Cincinnati is a pretty nice place – here are pages and pages of photographic proof – but nothing much happens there. Mark Twain once said that if the world came to an end he wanted to be in Cincinnati. Everything … Continue reading

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Assigning Blame for the Needless Upcoming Disaster

August 4, 1792 – the birth of Percy Bysshe Shelley, the most irritatingly sensitive of those weepy Romantic poets – and August 4, 1901 – the birth of Louis Armstrong, and thus the birth of Americans jazz (if you can … Continue reading

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Things Do Change

It is unclear whether we are supposed to hate the French any longer – you’d have to check with Fox News on that. The American right has been generally pleased with Sarkozy, and the new French First Lady is one … Continue reading

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On Being Played for Fools

Saturday, September 13 – and the giant hurricane has passed through Texas causing less damage than expected and the last of the bodies has been pulled from the horrendous Los Angeles train wreck, and whatever will happen with Lehman Brothers … Continue reading

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Moving Beyond Jesus

Thursday, August 21, and a news item from Reuters no one ever expected:   A slim majority of Americans, including more conservatives and Republicans than previously, want to keep religion out of politics, a survey released on Thursday found.   … Continue reading

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