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It’s that time of year when America doesn’t know what to do with itself – Halloween is over and Thanksgiving is yet to come. It’s a cultural pause. Stores are beginning to fill with Christmas stuff, but no one wants … Continue reading

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Late Broken News

In the news business they’re known as the Friday Night Follies – say you’re a politician who has something that needs to be made public, but it will cause no end of trouble, so you announce it after five in … Continue reading

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Assigning Blame for the Needless Upcoming Disaster

August 4, 1792 – the birth of Percy Bysshe Shelley, the most irritatingly sensitive of those weepy Romantic poets – and August 4, 1901 – the birth of Louis Armstrong, and thus the birth of Americans jazz (if you can … Continue reading

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The Gates of Hell

Okay, on Wednesday, July 22, President Obama held a primetime news conference to rally support for healthcare reform – and that’s okay. Presidents do such things when they sense that support for whatever is in the works is going wobbly … Continue reading

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Tiger by the Tail

On Tuesday, March 24, President Obama held yet another prime-time news conference, which the major networks carried, preempting their most profitable shows. Perhaps the man hates capitalism. The networks think so – they had to move their hits shows around, … Continue reading

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