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Sunrise, Sunset

Wednesday, January 12 – an odd day. In the morning Sarah Palin released a video about the “blood libel” against her. The notion is, like the Jews through the centuries, accused of mixing the blood of Christian babies to make … Continue reading

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Magnanimity and Maturity

Finally it came down to doughnuts:   Parts of the left continue to give President-elect Barack Obama flack for inviting the Rev. Rick Warren, head of the evangelical Saddleback Church in Southern California, to deliver the invocation at the inauguration … Continue reading

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The Kind Of Epochal Events One Reads About In Books

Another Monday and another government bailout – Monday, November 24, it was the Massive 300-Billion Dollar Rescue for Citigroup. Yeah, whatever – you get used to the idea things are falling apart, and that the last fifty-seven days of the … Continue reading

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Changes in the Background

Thursday, November 13, and after the markets dropped over three hundred points and hit a five-year low, a massive stock market rally – in the final hours of trading the Dow up almost six hundred points. This cannot be good. … Continue reading

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The Kids at the Door

The Friday night before Election Day, 2008 – Halloween night, everyone in clever costumes, or cute costumes, or sly and hip costumes, or just clad in some sort of ironic outfit, intending to puzzle you, as what they’re wearing may … Continue reading

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For the Discriminating Voter

As is obvious to even the most casual observer – yeah, you hate that sarcastic and arrogant opening – the current presidential campaign now winding down can easily be reduced to a choice of two general ways of dealing with … Continue reading

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